Space Industry for Ukraine (SIFU)

In response to Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, leaders of the space community–key players in defense, national security space, and cutting-edge technology–rallied together to announce a new initiative, SIFU, intended to address the most immediate humanitarian needs in-country.

Spearheaded by NSSA Executive Director, Steve Jacques, and CEO of HawkEye 360, John Serafini, SIFU was established to fund and execute high-value projects that create maximum impact with minimal overhead.

Our Impact

Pounds of Supplies in Humanitarian Aid Delivery
Families Helped With Housing Repairs/Winterization
Evacuations/Rescues Including Refugees, IDPs, and Pets
Refugees Assisted in Poland

Through the generosity of donors like you, SIFU has secured over $1,000,000 in funding for 22 projects divided among six trusted partner NGOs, all addressing critical needs such as:

  • Evacuations/rescues
  • Medical rehabilitation of civilians and veterans
  • Humanitarian aid delivery (food, clothing, medicine, etc.)
  • Enhanced field communications
  • Housing and winterization
  • Refugee assistance
  • Equipment and PPE in support of hyperlocal journalists

Thank You to Our Donors & Steering Committee Members

Funding of all projects has been made possible by our Steering Committee of dedicated industry partners who have helped fund, select, and monitor the execution of critical humanitarian projects throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries. We extend our deep appreciation to the following donors and Steering Committee members for their generosity and steadfast support of SIFU and the Ukranian people.

Thank You to Our NGO Partners

Donor capital is only as impactful as the hands who put it to work. The SIFU initiative is proud to support our NGO partners who have taken on the risk and the challenge of implementing life-saving humanitarian projects across Ukraine and Poland.