Signature Series

Space & Counterspace Threats Forum

Summer 2024

NGA NCE, Springfield, VA

As part of the major effort underway to enhance the resilience of U.S. national security space systems and architectures, the Intelligence Community is focusing considerable resources on understanding existent and emerging space and counterspace threats. Industry is a key target audience for such insightful and actionable analyses, given that industry is responsible for designing, building, and operating national security space systems. The better-informed industrial partners are on threats to U.S. space systems, the more effectively they can design and operationalize appropriate security features that protect against kinetic, cyber, laser, jamming, supply chain, and other adversary attack vectors.

NSSA’s “Space and Counterspace Threats Forum” is geared to promote and foster enhanced information-sharing and collaboration between government and the private sector on foreign space and counterspace threats. Senior government intelligence analysts will provide a comprehensive set of classified briefings to help industry better understand such threats and thus be in a position to act upon that intelligence information during the design and operation of U.S. national security space systems and architectures.