Signature Series

Space Investors Forum

Spring/Summer 2024

McLean, VA

Growing recognition of the importance of space capability to our security and economy, coupled with the expanding space threats from China and Russia, has resulted in bi-partisan support for increased federal investment in national security space. In parallel, the deployment of capital to space start-ups on the part of traditional investors and space billionaires has given rise to an explosion of innovation and technology in commercial space.

NSSA will host the Space Investors Forum to facilitate fulsome discussion between traditional national security space companies, space entrepreneurs, and those providing and enabling the deployment of this capital – VCs, PEs, bankers, among others.

The agenda includes panel discussions where investment perspectives are shared by prospective buyers and sellers—constituencies who often don’t understand one another well—and other panels focusing on what the U.S. Government needs and how the gap between the government (as a buyer/customer) and commercial space entrepreneurs and investors can be bridged.