The space community maintains a cadre of some of the best and brightest minds our country has to offer. The National Security Space Association is proud to honor these dedicated individuals for their outstanding achievements in support of the national security space enterprise.

Lifetime Achievement Award

NSSA’s Edward C. "Pete" Aldridge Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to distinguished individuals in recognition of their special contributions towards the preservation of the national security space enterprise. It is awarded annually with respect to the Honorable Edward C. “Pete” Aldridge, whose storied career stretches across several senior industry and government positions. These include Director of the National Reconnaissance Office; Secretary of the Air Force; and Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics.

Dr. Lawrence K. Gershwin, National Intelligence Officer for Space, awarded the 2024 Edward C. "Pete" Aldridge Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award at DISC24

"Dr. Gershwin is renowned for his steadfast integrity, immense expertise, and enduring dedication to national security space. His life-long work has laid a truly remarkable foundation for countless professionals who have continued to benefit from his mentorship and passion for securing America’s interests in an increasingly dangerous international security environment. We couldn’t be prouder to present him with this prestigious award!"

- Steve Jacques, Executive Director and Founder of NSSA

Lawrence Gershwin

2022 - Martin C. "Marty" Faga honored with Inaugural Pete Aldridge Lifetime Achievement Award

On November 14, 2022 NSSA gathered with Marty Faga and his colleagues, friends, and family at the MITRE facility in McLean to celebrate his acceptance of NSSA's first ever Pete Aldridge Lifetime Achievement Award. Speakers, including former colleagues from his time in Congress, the Air Force, NRO, and at MITRE, shared stories and reflected on Marty's many contributions to the National Security Space Community.

Distinguished Service Award

Contributions supporting the advancement of the national security space enterprise come from government, industry and academia. NSSA is pleased to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements by individuals or teams of people. The distinguished service award will be presented periodically throughout the year.


Honoring Congressman Jim Cooper

On November 29, 2022 the National Security Space Security community came together to honor Rep. Jim Cooper for his enduring contributions to the National Security Space Enterprise. Leaders from across the National Security Space community, including Rep. Mike Rogers, Rep. Doug Lamborn, Gen (ret) Jay Raymond, Gen (ret) John Hyten, and other high-ranking officials came together to offer their thanks and congratulations on a job well-done by Rep. Cooper.


Gen (ret) John Hyten's Remarks to Rep. Jim Cooper


Doug Loverro's Remarks to Rep. Jim Cooper